Sophie Mc Connell

Freelance translation and localization EN>FR
Professional and experienced linguist
Specialization in IT and business
Quality and efficiency
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I’m a native French speaker and despite being bilingual in two other languages, I cannot guarantee that my writing in those languages will always sound natural to natives.

It is a rule amongst professional translators to only translate into your native language, no matter how good you are, unless a native can proofread your work.

Localization is a translation that takes into account other parameters, depending on the document.

They can be related to the culture (adaptation of an example, for instance), to a specific market (a brand can have specific terms in different languages that need to be researched) or to a specific field.

For instance in code localization, you need to know what to translate (e.g. the variable’s names) and what not to translate (the keywords used to code) or the localized code won’t run properly.

Translation, localization: 
  what’s the big difference?
Why I only translate into French.

Translation, localization, proofreading: quality and efficiency

“Sophie is an excellent and very reliable English into French translator. At we have worked with her for almost two years now on a regular basis, and we have never had a single problem with her. In fact, she regularly exceeds our expectations. We would certainly recommend her for any position.”

Jesus Maroto, International Marketing Consultant
& Translator at Global Propaganda

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